One of the most influential and memorable parts of the worship experience is the music involved. That’s why a premium must be placed on the quality of musicians and singers used to participate in any time of worship. God has given this church and its leaders a uniquely different way to raise up influential worshippers that understand these principles. We’ve developed a course that combines technical and experiential training—blending professional instruction with a live platform to express what’s been learned.

Disciple Internship hires a variety of professional instructors to adequately train our musicians and singers in the field of Worship Arts which in-turn provides a diversified experience for each intern. Classes incorporate training in: music theory, technique, ear training, performance, and recording. Our instructors also incorporate a wide variety of musical styles in their classes to challenge and expand our intern’s versatility: jazz, blues, pop, and hip-hop are just a few. Finally, we place a priority on training interns how to logistically and creatively execute rehearsals, services, and large events from start to finish—keeping our focus on the part we play in the larger picture of the local church.

Our goal is that all graduated interns would leave equipped with the ability to prepare themselves for excellence in ministry through worship arts, but also have the wisdom and sensitivity to flow with the ever-changing atmosphere determined by the Holy Spirit at each individual opportunity for ministry.