To Hear & To Apply

Last month at Living Word we had Bishop Keith Butler here preaching out of Mark 4: The Parable of the Sower and Soils. While he was teaching from this chapter, he was talking about how the Word get rooted in our hearts and how it can get choked out. All of it was really good, but the part that stood out to me was the reminder to 1) hear the Word and 2) do the Word.

It is way too easy to hear an amazing sermon or teaching and then go on with your day. You may have heard the perfect thing for your day, felt encouraged during the service and even taken amazing notes — but four hours later you couldn’t tell someone the main point of the message or what scriptures the preacher taught from.

From a college student perspective, we are taught to read the textbook before class so we already know going into class what is going to be taught. Then, you hear it taught during class and take notes. After class, you’re supposed to back to those notes and reread the text in order to fully learn the topic being taught in that class. Does that always happen? Most of the times, no. College students show up to class, take notes and then push the information out of their minds. Then a few weeks later when they remember a test is coming up – they cram trying to remember and learn the things they should already know and be practicing. That student may still get a good grade, but the process to getting that grade was probably not as stress-free as it could be. If the goal is to get a good grade, then they are successful. However, two years later, will they remember that information? Probably not! Students pay thousands of dollars to be taught information that they don’t invest the time to become rooted in their knowledge. How much more is the Word of God worth to us?

How many times do we do that with the Word? With teachings and sermons we attend? We hear it, take notes and then put it out of our minds. Then a situation or circumstance comes up that applies pressure to us – and then we scrounge around our notes — looking for something to apply and cling to through our situation. We look to pass the immediate “test” – versus changing ourselves to not only pass – but to overcome situations in our lives.

I encourage you to not only hear the word but to DO the Word. The smallest adjustment could make a huge difference in the Word influencing your life. While taking notes, think to yourself, how can I use this message today? How can I apply this to my life? Even thinking about it engages you with the message. Reread your notes, reread the scriptures, tell someone about what you got out of the sermon!

God’s Word is ALIVE. ACTIVE. EXCITING. I am no longer satisfied simply listening to a message and being effected for a moment. I want the Word of God to take hold of my life, change me from the inside out and become a part of who I am. I don’t want to take what I hear for granted.

I am challenging you to not just HEAR the Word but to DO the Word. APPLY the Word. INVEST time in the Word. & see your life change from the inside out.



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