Nearly Too Good To Be True Pt. 2

The Gospel is GOOD NEWS!

By nature, that means it is the opposite of bad news.

The Gospel is not just news, nor is it not just facts. It is a specific kind of news, and a specific kind of fact. It is strictly GOOD news, and GOOD facts. (I just get so excited writing that!)

This is a big deal! Why? Because for a long time I believed the Gospel was completely synonymous with the truth, but that is not the case. The Gospel is a specific KIND of truth, and that kind is GOOD! You see, the truth is this: there is a hell, and sinners deserve to spend eternity there. True? Absolutely. But…


The good news of the Gospel is the price that was paid for sinners so they don’t need to get what they deserve! That is the good news! That is the Gospel!

To get people saved, some have preached about hell and sin and have called it “the Gospel.” Are hell and sin real? Yes, and don’t ever doubt it. But the truth about hell and sin is not the Gospel, because it does not tell us good news.

The good news is about how we were delivered from hell and sin because of Jesus Christ and His finished work. This is the Gospel! When you begin to see the richness of the Gospel, you will see it’s nearly-too-good-to-be-true… but it is!

It is very important we get our terminology right in this area. Why? Romans 1:16 is why. “For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes….” (Emphasis added)

The Gospel = power. The Gospel is the power to see the finished work of Jesus become a reality in your life. If you are confused about what the Gospel is, you will not experience the power in its fullness.

Good news is what brings power to our lives; facts don’t. Once the power starts flowing, results start coming, and fruit starts growing. And it all starts with hearing the Gospel, the good news of Jesus Christ and His finished work for you.

Ask the Holy Spirit to help you better understand the Gospel – the good news – of Jesus Christ.



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