Good Gifts, But Not From Santa

Think about the day when you have kids of your own…

Seriously, think about it.

Someday you will look at your kids and notice that they reflect you, look like you, even inherit some of your mannerisms, and you will love them so much. I have been recently thinking a lot about this because I will soon have a son or daughter of my own (woot woot!).

However, when you read this scripture allow yourself to be overtaken by the thought that no matter how much you are going to love your children, that the love that God has for you and your children will be far greater in comparison.

This is GOOD NEWS!


Because fathers and mothers want to bless and give good things to their children in every way. We naturally want to protect them, provide for them, and see them enjoy life to the fullest. Not only them, but we also want to see that for ourselves!

However, some people try to take the weight of responsibility to provide the best life for their children and themselves upon their own self ability. I have seen mothers, fathers, and young entrepreneurs strive and stress, strain and struggle to provide the best life that they can think of only to come short at best. Some even stress so much about provision and security that they actually do damage to their own health, mentally and physically!

In Christ, the pressure is no longer on us to provide the best. Because, as a matter of fact, we can only do so much in our own ability.

But do not be discouraged, God wants to do the providing for you! His love for us goes deeper than we can even begin to imagine and that love longs to give us the best, and not just any best, HIS BEST!

There are things that you haven’t even consider that you want or need, but God has! There are dangers that you haven’t even thought of, but God has seen them and already begun to protect you and your family!

God’s good gifts and plans cover every area of our lives and our children’s lives, so take a breath, and rest in knowing that God is constantly giving us good gifts causing us to rule and reign, and never strain and struggle.

(Matthew 7:8 – If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask Him!)



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