What is Disciple Internship?

While attending the Internship, you will experience biblical training with practical life experiences. We live by the example of Jesus Christ: “Teach, Train, Together.” Jesus spent three years of His life mentoring 12 men. How did He do this? He had personal relationships with all of them. After Jesus left earth, those 12 men took the Gospel to the world. This discipleship process continued and Christianity is now the largest religion in the world. You will learn how to disciple by being discipled. The Internship is more than just morning Bible classes and afternoon training courses; it’s about forming relationships with other people to help draw them closer to our Heavenly Father.

Do I have to attend the Internship for two years?

Yes, Disciple Internship is designed as a two-year program. Many elements of the program can only be experienced during the second year of the internship. An intern cannot graduate from the program unless they complete the full two years.

How much does one year cost?

The price for the Internship is $3,500 for one year. (Pricing varies for international students.)

What if I can’t pay the full amount upfront?

We offer plans for students who can’t pay the full amount upfront through tuition management program called TADS; however, a $1,500 minimum down payment is required by the enrollment deadline.

Is there an age limit?

Disciple Internship is open to young adults age 18–28. With the heavy ministry schedule, anyone outside this age limit may find the schedule very challenging.

Can I date while at the Internship?

Yes. We just ask that you inform the staff and allow one of them to hold you accountable throughout the relationship.

Can I have a job while attending the Internship?

Yes, we encourage all interns to have an outside job as long as your work schedule doesn’t conflict with your Internship schedule.

Does the Internship offer student housing?

No student housing is offered at this time.

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