This course addresses the unique experience of conceiving, evaluating, creating, managing, a non-profit or business, a process called entrepreneurship. The goal is to provide a solid background with practical application of important concepts applicable to the entrepreneurial environment. Entrepreneurial discussions will focus on the key business areas of finance, accounting, marketing and management and will include the creative aspects of entrepreneurship.

The first year of this course is focused on the understanding and knowledge of entrepreneurship. We will train in multiple core business abilities and programs that will lay a foundation and launching pad for the second year internship. Course Objectives for year one are as follows:

  • To possess a well-grounded understanding of essential entrepreneurial business principles.
  • To identify, appreciate, and assess the knowledge, attitudes, and skills of an entrepreneur.
  • To study and observe entrepreneurial settings and entrepreneurial role models through exposure to actual business settings and experience.

The second year of this course, interns will need to draw upon their business education and experience, and apply it to the task of launching a new venture. Students are expected to interact with the business community and advisors, be able to work effectively in teams, and be active participants in course discussions and exercises. Course Objectives for year two are as follows;

  • To develop an understanding of important business issues as they relate to new ventures.
  • To gain an expanded awareness of the resources available for creating a business plan.
  • To establish a level of confidence in creating a business plan as a tool to assess create and communicate a business concept.