At Disciple Internship, our goal is for every intern to graduate our program with a deeper knowledge and understanding of the Word of God, and how it can be applied to their life in a practical and functional way. We believe that, as disciples of Jesus, it’s vital that we understand how to study and dissect the Word of God in order to accurately walk out God’s plan for each of our lives. As we dive into various topics, we encourage questions, critical thinking, and healthy discussion, as we believe that this is a crucial part of the learning and growth process. Our desire is that each intern will graduate equipped to thrive in every area of their life!
  • Communication
    In this class we are going to discuss how to effectively communicate your ideas and how to effectively listen to others.
  • Apologetics
    We are going to give you the proof that God is who he says he is, and evidence that the Bible is the Word of God.
  • Servant Leadership
    Learn how to lead like Jesus.
  • Covenant
    This is a study of the depth of what Jesus has won for us.
  • Church History
    See how the church has formed from the book of Acts to the church we know today
  • Discipleship
    It is important to know what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ. In this class we dive into what Jesus wants for us.
  • Doctrine
    This is a time to dig in and find out what you believe
  • Eschatology
    A study on the end times, and what God’s plan is for eternity.
  • Evangelism
    You will be given a megaphone and will preach on every street corner... Just Kidding! We are actually debunking the myth that preaching the Gospel has to be difficult. It’s actually just all about following God’s plan for how you are to “preach” the good news.
  • Financial Management
    In order for us to be effective disciples, it’s important for us to know how to handle our money. In this class we bring in the experts to shed light on the subject of finances from a practical and spiritual perspective.
  • Grace and Faith
    This is a class on how to respond to the kindness and goodness of God towards us.
  • The Holy Spirit
    Jesus said that is was better for Him to go away, so that he could send us the Holy Spirit. Discover the current ministry of the Holy Spirit in this class.
  • Honor
    Honor is the foundation for our relationships with God and people. Find out more as we discover the culture of Heaven and Honor!
  • How to Study the Bible
    The title says it all! Learn how to make sense of the Bible, so that it can change your experience of Life in the way that God promises it will.
  • Israel
    In this class we will learn why Israel should be important to the Church, God’s plan for Israel in the Bible, and where modern day Israel fits in that plan.
  • Life and Ministry
    Should I help people or help myself? At some point you are going to have to answer that question, and we believe that this class will help you do that, as well as bring balance to your life.
  • New Covenant
    Everything that the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ did should make us the most confident beings in the universe. In these classes you’ll find out why.
  • Old & New Testament Survey
    Get a general summary of what the Old and New Testament are about.
  • Prayer School
    We take time together to learn how to talk and listen to God.
  • Success & Leadership Principles
    There are general rules to success and leadership that we will discuss in this class.
  • Spirit, Soul, & Body
    God is a three part being, and so are we. You will learn more about this power truth in this class.